Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pure Pop

Pure Pop by Tim Lane

"Pure Pop is just that—a little bit of Coke, a little bit of homage to the Pops of the New York School, and a lot of heart. Tim Lane's gracefully fluent lyrics are celebratory, immediate, full of feeling, and full of life. Without falling into sloppy sentimentality or clunky derivation, Lane conjures his own world while stealing fire from the masters."
—Lisa Jarnot, author of Black Dog Songs and Ring of Fire

Pure Pop delivers all of the delicious, unmitigated pleasure implied in its title. Tim Lane's poems, jubilant and experientially engaged, prove that joy too is serious stuff.

Poetry, 27 pp. Click here to download PDF in new window.

Tim Lane lives, writes and paints in Lansing, Michigan.

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