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2006 titles


Line Jester and Other Stories
by Michael Duncan

Michael Duncan's debut chapbook takes the reader through surreal landscapes, where art is both necessary and impossible. Throughout his writing, the force of Duncan's ideas is matched with an exacting attention to language and detail. Line Jester and Other Stories offers a bracing reminder of the power of beauty, and a singular, expressionist aesthetic. (more)


The Nijinsky Poems
by Meg Sparling

In The Nijinsky Poems, Meg Sparling has crafted a sensitive and insightful revisiting of the life of one of the 20th Century's greatest artists. Combining the biographical with the lyrical, Sparling's writing embodies the power and contingency of the dancer. The Nijinsky Poems is a haunting tribute to a delicate and beautiful man, and a nimble, unerring performance of its own. (more)


Between the Water and the Air
by Andrew Hungerford

By turns wistful and compelling, Between the Water and the Air is the story of a father and a son, a brother and a sister, a girl, and a mechanic. Ken, a former scholarship student with a habit of running away from responsibility, is forced by his father's declining health and increasingly insistent family to confront his sense of displacement within his own life. (more)