Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Letters to My Sister

Letters to My Sister by Angela Vasquez-Giroux

Composed as a series of letters to a family member serving in Iraq, Angela Vasquez-Giroux's first poetry chapbook is a vivid evocation of the fear, displacement, and uncertainty that war imposes on those who are left behind. Through images of fragmentation and fragility—misreadings of scripture, partial glimpses of a loved one in a news report—Letters to My Sister speaks of the challenges of survival, both for those in the field and at home.

Poetry, 15 pp. Click here to download PDF in new window.

Angela Vasquez-Giroux is a textbook middle child. Her fascination with words began at age three, when her mother taught her to say extraordinary. She lives in Lansing with her partner and daughter.


mom said...

Angela - Dad and I are so very proud of you!! This is wonderful. As I was reading them, I was reliving some of those memories. Your words are so vivid. (This from the girl who said 'extraordinary at 3!) We love you!! Mom and Dad

Laura Jane said...

i am proud, too! congratulations - this collection is beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

Hi... I'm not your mom or dad and I don't know you... and I am a lot older than you and not a real fan of poetry in particular... so I was cynically expecting a bit of solipsistic nonsense... but I was very pleasantly surprised. You write beautifully. Really good stuff in both form and content... definitely publishable. Bravo.

Anonymous said...

I too, can't help but comment. I'm spreading these words wherever I have an opportunity to speak about poetry.